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First, we'll discuss your issues, your general sense of wellness, and your desire for treatment.  You'll be provided a questionaire for assessment.  We'll define a personal program of stylistic therapies, utilizing a combination of massage and touch techniques, as well as custom aromatic essential oils to heighten your body's ability to respond to therapy.  

Typical Treatment:

Gererally, sessions last about 60 minutes, and are composed primarily of Swedish based relaxation massage with trigger point therapy in problem areas. 

Trigger Point Treatment:

As we progress through your therapy, we will identify your problem areas.  We'll work through a series of low level manipulations to guage your bodies thresholds and response to trigger points. Next, I'll proceed with focused area treatment, and then on to core energy manipulation.  Finally, I'll finish with an overall massage to oxygenate the rest of your body to aid in healing the injured area.   I'll also provide insight as to how to avoid the situation that caused the injury.  Most treatments require a minimum of 6 visits, generally on a weekly basis.  Extreme strains, knots, or chronic inuries that have been neglected, may require more intensive treatments either by length of time, or as a bi-weekly regimen.


I'll establish a program of home remedies, like stretches, hydrotherapies, and postural changes for you to consider regarding your treatment and continued wellness.  

The key to overcoming an injury, especially an injury with a chronic or hidden origin, is to learn how to recognize triggers, and avoid negative elements and situations!

In all, you'll receive aspects of: 

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Manipulation
  • Trigger Point and Acute Pressure Treatment
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Body Stretching and Manipulation
  • Environmental Stimuli with Relaxing Sounds
  • Reflexology
  • Natural Healing Oils and Creams
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